Historical Metadata Tools

This page is maintained as a historical reference to metadata tools which are now quiescent. The authors or agencies involved with creating these tools appear to have halted updating or further development of them. If you are an author or agency which developed a tool currently on the page of Historical Metadata Tools and feel I have buried your tool prematurely, please let me know! If you need a copy of one of these retirees and you cannot find it from its original source, send me an email request; I may have a copy in archive.

If you are interested in obtaining a metadata tool to help produce metadata right now, you should consult the page of active metadata tools or Doug Nebert's compilation of metadata tools for the FGDC.

In the table and linked summary pages, CSDGM refers to the June 8, 1994 version of the Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata. An 'Intelligent' metadata tool is one that automatically extracts some metadata from data files that it supports. Under Metadata Storage Structure, 'Discrete' means that each document exists as a standalone (probably ASCII) document. 'Database' means at least some of the metadata is stored in a database so sections which are common to several documents are not redundantly stored. Any metadata which accompanies these tools as sample output should not be taken as 'example' metadata, i.e. they are samples of tool output, not samples to illustrate squeaky clean metadata!

The Tool Box in Back

Tool Name / Source Vendor, Agency or Author Function Platform/OS/GIS
ArcView Metadata Collector v. 2.0 / NOAA Intelligent CSDGM metadata creation tool for ArcView supported data types 3.0+ < ArcView < 8.1 and OS that supports it
ASCII template documents / Arnold Fahrquar Metadata entry aid Any platform with text editor or wordprocessing capabilities
BIC Metadata Form / Texas/Mexico Borderlands Information Center On-line metadata submission suite Forms capable Web browser for client, Web server with cgi-bin capabilities
BLMDOC (AML) / BLM Intelligent CSDGM metadata creation tool for Arc/Info UNIX Arc/Info
Corpsmet 1.02 / USACE CSDGM metadata creation tool DOS
DATA DICTIONARY (AML) / Gerry Daumiller (Montana State Library) Intelligent CSDGM metadata creation tool for Arc/Info UNIX or NT Arc/Info
Dataset Catalog 4.0 / National Park Service Metadata creation tool MS-Windows 3.1, 95, or NT with Microsoft Access 2.0+, or Windows 3.11
DOCUMENT (AML) / ESRI Intelligent CSDGM metadata entry tool for Arc/Info UNIX Arc/Info version 7.0.3 or 7.0.4
FGDC Metadata Entry System (MES/MDES) / Doug Nebert (USGS) Metadata submission suite Web browser for client, web server with Perl and Isite
Findarc / David Lanter (Geographic Designs) Intelligent Arc/Info / ArcView data location, assessment, and documentation utility SUN SPARCstations, SunOS and Solaris 2.x
KMDD (Klamath Metadata Dictionary) / UC Berkeley Metadata creation tool MS-Windows
The MDC (Metadata Collector) / Florida Data Directory Metadata creation tool for Florida agencies MS-Windows, UNIX
Metadata Management System / Lower Colorado River Authority CSDGM metadata creation tool MS-Windows 3.1, 95 or NT
METALITE (AML) 2.7 / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Intelligent CSDGM metadata creation tool Arc/Info 7.0+ for UNIX or NT
MetaMaker 2.30 / Environmental Management Technical Center CSDGM metadata creation tool MS-Windows
MetaViewer 1.2 / Edelstein Technology Group Metadata cataloging / distribution / search database MS-Windows with Visual FoxPro runtime (supplied)
MetaScan (AVX) / RTSe USA HTML/Text metadata display extension for ArcView ArcView that supports extensions (3+), and Web Browser
Metadata Validation Service / Chuck Stein (Naval Research Laboratory Monterey) On-line implementation of mp to perform CSDGM metada validation Any web browser which supports forms
Metagen32 / Coastal Oceanographics, Inc CSDGM metadata creation tool MS-Windows 95, NT
Metamorph / USGS On-line CSDGM metadata entry tool Any Web browser which supports forms
NJMetaLite / New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Metadata entry tool optimized for New Jersey datasets MS-Windows 95, 98, NT
(NOAA) FGDC Metadata Toolkit 1.0 Beta / NOAA CSDGM metadata creation tool MS-Windows
(Oklahoma) Metadata Creator / portions Michael S. Scott (University of South Carolina) CSDGM metadata creation tool Machine with telnet access, or one on which the C code will compile

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