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Wisconsin (Ramona) GIS Inventory Survey


2009 Report on County GIS Data Systems
Appendix B: Individual maps from report
Summary table of results
(PDF) PowerPoint Summary presentation

The 2009 Report on County GIS Data Systems is a report on the Wisconsin GIS Inventory survey results as of March 2009. This survey has been an annual Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP) requirement for both the 2008 and 2009 grant years and had full participation from all 72 counties.

The online Wisconsin (Ramona) GIS Inventory is growing! Inventory yous GIS data today!
Sign in, create your user and organizational profile, inventory your data assets, and learn about your Wisconsin neighbors. We've created a draft User Guide to help you get started. Additional helpful information may be found at the Ramona Working Group.

We now have 100% participation by Wisconsin County GIS organizations and are encouraging regional planning commissions, municipalities and state agencies to help make this a comprehensive resource for Wisconsin. To date, the Inventory identifies almost 2000 discreet GIS data themes and their producers with another 300 records for data that are Planned or In-work. The status maps show participation as of March, 2009.

The Wisconsin Ramona GIS Inventory is simple to use. It provides a way to list your data sets with sufficient detail to be of service to others, while you painlessly create your first building block toward a metadata record. Everyone looking for data can log in, find data contacts and use status maps. With your active participation, RAMONA will soon become the resource for geographic data discovery in and around Wisconsin.

Advantages of the Wisconsin GIS Inventory Survey:
  • Easy to use, uncluttered, and logical organization.
  • Multiple users within a single organization can each complete the inventory for the specific data sets they create and manage.
  • My Geography section allows respondents to select multiple states, or multiple counties/cities if they produce and manage data for regional areas.
  • Directory of Wisconsin data providers can be queried by organization name or type, individual’s name, or application area. The Directory cannot be mined for spam emails or harvested by spiders.
  • Users pick from drop-down lists to specify scale, status, source, year, and update frequency for each data layer, and provide a short abstract and/or metadata link.
  • Statewide status maps can be generated for a given theme.
  • An initial building-block for metadata records is created automatically and available for you to expand upon later. All inventory respondents will indicate if they are already producing FGDC-compliant metadata.

The RAMONA national data inventory tool was developed to inventory the GIS data holdings of tribal, state, and local governments, and their partners. It provides one consistent platform for the nation that is designed to work in concert with the federal Geospatial One Stop (GOS) portal. RAMONA was created by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) under a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Although it is a national inventory, it is customized for use in Wisconsin.

Guides and Presentations

Ramona and WLIP Annual Survey Comparison Study - 2006/07

WLIP Survey - 1999-2003
Every year the State of Wisconsin Department of Adminstration hosted a Wisconsin Land Information Program(WLIP) Survey filled out by County Land Information Officers (LIOs). This survey is produced to provide a periodic assessment of the status, progress, and benefits of the WLIP to each of Wisconsin's 72 counties, the Land Information Board and other interested parties.

Below are links to the Surveys, from 1999-2003. (Links open in new browser window)

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