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WiscMap is an online mapping application that draws upon geospatial data from distributed online sources and integrates them into a single view.

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Interactivity was also the guiding principle behind our WiscMap design. Conventional web maps can be cumbersome to use, because a new map image must be generated every time a user pans the map or changes the map layers that are being displayed. In order to support continuous panning and real-time layer management, we designed a system for caching and reusing map images. The first time a set of map tiles are requested at a particular scale and extent, they are generated on-the-fly by MapServer. The tiles are then stored for later use, so subsequent requests are handled almost instantaneously. WiscMap incorporates other design features to improve interactivity, including on-the-fly layer handling, a drag-box zooming tool and navigation history.

Application Notes

WiscMap is a work in progess. WiscMap has been developed to work optimally on a 1024 x 768 screen resolution with IE6+, NS6+, & Mozilla 1+ browsers on PC and Mac platforms. There are known issues with Safari on the Mac platform. Visit about WiscMap to learn more about how it works.